London Dock Phase 1

Wapping, London

Our London Dock masterplan for St George City unlocks a previously inaccessible piece of land and transforms it into a diverse, well-connected neighbourhood with public landscaped space at its core. Once we had established a strong public realm framework, we applied a considered collection of architectural typologies around it. These include the bronze jewel-box of Clipper Wharf that marks the entrance to Gauging Square. Opposite this are the five distinct yet harmoniously detailed blocks of Admiral and Alexander Wharf that appears to curve around Vaughan Way and onto Gauging Square.

London Dock draws heavily on the maritime and trading history of the site. This is reflected in the nomenclature of buildings and spaces, as well as the artwork embedded into the public realm design, the latter of which was developed in collaboration with artist Gordon Young and creative agency Why not? Associates.

When complete, the crystalline tower of Cashmere Wharf will express a visible marker for the transformational changes taking place at London Dock.

At present, Clipper Wharf, Admiral and Alexander Wharf have been welcoming residents since December 2016. Cashmere Wharf is currently in progress on site, as is the remodelling of the historic Pennington Street Warehouse.


Planning Awards 2018

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