Stephenson Street

West Ham, London

Located on one of the GLA's largest sites, Stephenson Street is residential-led masterplan for Berkeley Homes that transforms 10.6 hectares of severed and underused industrial land into a vibrant London destination. Delivering 3,810 homes in a range of tenures, including private for sale, affordable and private rented sector, the masterplan provides a new entrance to West Ham Station, two new pedestrian bridges, a new science academy, retail, workplace and a community hub, all within a significant publicly accessible open space.

At the heart of the design is a 330 park, with a clear strong geometry, which is able to create physical and visual legibility, connecting West Ham to Bromley-by-Bow. From open to linear landscapes, sunken gardens to intimate greens; the park encapsulates several uses and activities, including amphitheatres, performance spaces, cafes and pop-up spots, while incorporating main roads and shared surfaces.

Ranging in scale and form, these contrasting spaces help to define the strategy of placemaking, creating a variety of settings and neighbourhoods to shape a new identity for Newham.

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