Waterloo Station ticket hall

Waterloo, London

Occupying the lower levels of 8-13 Casson Square and 55% of the building's footprint, the ticket hall presented complex technical challenges relating to the site and integration within the 32-storey hybrid building above. The design reconciles the alignment of the original 1950s escalator barrel with the east-west orientation of the Southbank Place masterplan. A generously proportioned space was achieved through the engineering of a transfer level above the ticket hall. This enabled a column-free space beneath for effective pedestrian flow, while preventing acoustic and vibration disturbance to the residents above.

A continuing palette of Portland stone and bronze metal accents was selected for the ticket hall. Large bay windows articulate the north side of the ticket hall, drawing in daylight. A pre-cast concrete soffit, glass balustrade and a glazed wall subtly aid wayfinding and contributes to the clean, crisp aesthetic.

The new ticket hall opened to the public in May 2019.

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