Battersea Apartment

Battersea, London

The increase in demand for loft-living in London in the 1980s and 90s led to some spectacular spaces being created – not least this 3,500 sq ft, 5m-high loft on the first floor of a former Victorian tobacco warehouse overlooking a small dock next to Battersea Bridge.

Our design strategy was to provide as much private space as possible while preserving the unique volume and character of the warehouse, allowing the brick walls and cast-iron columns to be read in the contemporary conversion, while also improving the view over the dock. The west side of the apartment is open whilst the east side accommodates cellular areas.

Living, dining and kitchen spaces flow into each other, designated by floating ceilings and delineated floor materials. A variety of natural materials are introduced to add a contemporary element, while wall and ceiling colours are unified throughout giving a continuation of shade and tone.

RIBA Award 2001


The design of a flat, occupying the first floor of an old London warehouse, exploits the grain and texture of old and new materials to create sensual richness without disturbing the intrinsic character of the Victorian building.
Architectural Review