London Dock

Wapping, London

Our masterplan for St George City unlocks 6.2 hectares of previously inaccessible land and transforms it into a well-connected city district with public landscaped space at its core.

The key to unlocking the site was through a new grid of pathways, public squares and semi-private gardens that draw people into the heart of the development and link the neighbourhood's spaces and buildings. Accommodation takes the form of core-accessed residential buildings, the majority of which sit on top of a masonry plinth. Different architectural typologies sit above, including towers, linear and terraced blocks. An array of ground-floor commercial and community activity animate the neighbourhood at street level. These include retail, workspace, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, gym, medical centre and a school. 

Designed in collaboration with artist Gordon Young and Why Not? Associates, the artwork embedded within the public realm references the maritime trading history of the site.

Completion is expected in 2030. Clipper Wharf opened in December 2016, with the rest of the Phase 1 buildings opening in 2017. Operated by Peabody, Times House joined the collection in 2018, with Emery Wharf following in 2020. Cashmere Wharf, the crystalline 28-storey tower adjacent to Gauging Square, is currently under construction.

2019 Sunday Time British Homes Awards, Best Landscape Design
2019 The Pineapples Awards for Placemaking, Best Place in Progress
2019 Planning Awards, Regeneration (finalist)
2019 RESI Awards, Development of the Year (finalist)
2018 Planning Awards, Best Mixed-use Development

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