Pennington Street Warehouse

London Dock, Wapping

As the only surviving building from the original London Docks designed by Daniel Alexander and John Rennie, this Grade II listed building proudly forms the backbone to the new Patel Taylor masterplan.

The original application was designed in close conjunction with Richard Griffiths Architects, and subsequent amendments and careful enhancements have been designed by Patel Taylor.  The building is naturally split into 5 distinct areas subdivided by the original firebreak walls centred on the gables.  Three new cut throughs have been introduced in the building which enable the public to pass through this 300m+ long warehosue for the first time in over 200 years.  Inside mezzanine floors and cut outs in the original structure bring light and usability to this flexible commercial use building.  

Pennington Steet Warehouse forms the axis of the masterplan, connecting via a new opening and entrance canopy to Clipper Wharf at the western end, and opening up to Tobacco Dock with another key site entrance at the east.  The gables of this historic building also set out the Market Gardens that permeate the masterplan and provide quieter accessways to the buildings to the south and onwards to the Promenade.  Bespoke terraces and landscaping to the southern side of the building help soften the warehouse and provide commercial tenants with outdoor space.


2019 Sunday Time British Homes Awards, Best Landscape Design
2019 The Pineapples Awards for Placemaking, Best Place in Progress
2019 Planning Awards, Regeneration (finalist)
2019 RESI Awards, Development of the Year (finalist)
2018 Planning Awards, Best Mixed-use Development

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The historic images shown above are from The London Picture Archive.