Stamping Plant

Dagenham, London

Our vision for the Stamping Plant is to create a thriving new community; a lasting place that builds upon the history and strengthens the legacy of London’s great Peabody estates.

The site predominantly consisted of wetland marshes until the coming of industry with the Ford complex in the 1930’s and Dagenham Breach remains a balancing lake, attenuating floodwaters before discharge into the Thames. The masterplan strategy takes the landscape history of the site as a driver to provide amenity, ecological and cultural interest.The masterplan is built upon a series of character areas that react to public and green spaces to create a community of diversity and interest. These settings will blend hard and soft areas at grand and intimate scales to also frame views and key focal points where community can thrive. Around these spaces the mansion block typology is used to create a flexible 21st century setting for living.

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