Eastside City Park


Patel Taylor and Allain Provost successfully emerged from two stages of an international competition as the winners of the commission to design Birmingham’s first new park for over a century. The site is long and narrow, joining the city centre along the frontage of Millennium Point eastwards to the Digbeth canal, and lies within the city’s Eastside regeneration precinct.

The design follows our strategy of making a sequence of defined spaces with a logical yet pleasurable route between them, but with added layering of meaning as these work differently in the lengthwise or traverse directions. The park’s length lends itself to a continuous narrative, while across its shorter dimension it is more a moment of green in a journey through the city.

Whether enjoyed as a sequence or individually, the spaces in the park make a variety of topographical, historical and formal connections to the city.


RIBA Award 2013
RIBA Regional Building of the Year 2013
International Architecture Award 2014
Civic Trust Award 2014
Entente Florale Europe Gold Medal 2013
ICE Sustainability Award 2013
ICE Chairman's Award 2013
RICS Awards Highly Commended 2013
BCI Award for Regeneration 2013


Eastside City Park is architecture at its best. It deals with architecture on a really, really large scale. It deals with the urban realm, and it mediates lots of complex issues at the urban level.



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