Bankside Study

Southwark, London

As part of the Southwark Initiative, our proposal addresses the river area in front of the new Tate Modern. By means of a riverside walkway, common to north and south banks, the idea of an "outdoor room" enclosed to the east and west by Southwark and Blackfriars bridges, is asserted. Parallels are drawn with the typical London square but with the added interest that the Thames flows through it.

A new pedestrian bridge establishes a direct route from St. Paul's to Bankside improving access to the gallery. A timber deck, levitated above the river and disengaged from the river edge, forms a promenade where one can dwell and enjoy the view of the city. A minimal ramp connection at either end of the bridge ties the deck to the river bank. Planted islands, sited in the river, have the potential to support a variety of activities.